The Best Jewelry That Matches Your Face Shape

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Accessorizing with jewelry is a personal choice, and finding the right pieces that complement your face shape and skin tone can make a big difference in your overall look. Your face shape plays a crucial role in determining the jewelry styles that will enhance your features.

\In this article, we will explore how to wear jewelry that matches your face shape, with tips and tricks for each of the six common face shapes: Oval, Round, Square, Rectangular, Heart, and Diamond.

Decoding Your Face Shape: Tips to Find Your Perfect Jewelry Match

Before diving into specific face shapes, it’s important to know how to identify your own face shape.
Start by pulling your hair back and observing the natural angles of your face.

Compare your face to the descriptions and references provided below to determine your closest match. Understanding your face shape is the first step towards choosing jewelry that enhances your features.

Oval Shape: Versatility at Its Best

An oval shape is defined as long, with the widest point between the forehead and the temple. Those with an oval-shaped face, have a rounded face and a curved chin, similar to the shape of an egg.

Those born with this face shape are privy to the most versatile choices. As they are lucky enough to carry any jewelry. The length of the earrings or necklace should not be too long as it can make the face look even more elongated. They can even start making their own jewelry beginning with our knot tying tutorial.

If you have an oval-shaped face, which is long with the widest point between the forehead and temple, you’re in luck!
Oval faces are versatile and can carry almost any type of jewelry.

However, avoid earrings or necklaces that are too long, as they can further elongate your face.

Opt for hoops, studs, and short to medium length earrings in teardrop, pear, and geometric shapes to create an illusion of a wider face.
Similarly, shorter neckpieces with soft curving shapes such as pearls and ribbons are ideal choices.

Consider pairing your jewelry with American diamond and ruby neckpieces, and solitaire studs for a stunning look.

Oval Shape Face

Round Shape: Creating Length and Contrast

If you have a round face shape, characterized by equal width and length, with fuller cheeks and prominent cheekbones, you can create the illusion of a narrower face with the right jewelry.

Avoid hoop earrings, as they can mimic the shape of your face.
Instead, opt for long angular and geometric earrings and necklaces to add length to your face and create a more elongated look.

Contrast the roundness of your face with bold, angular jewelry designs to create a visually striking effect.

Round Shape Face

Square Shape: Softening Angular Curves with Dramatic Jewelry

For those with a square-shaped face, characterized by a common width and height across the forehead, cheeks, and jawline, and a strong angular jaw.,

The aim is to soften the angular curves with jewelry that creates drama and an illusion of a softer look.

Hoops and long chandelier earrings, as well as long necklaces, are good choices.

Avoid wearing geometric or angular-shaped jewels,
and opt for rounded elements to complement your square face shape.

Look for statement jewelry pieces with bold curves and intricate detailing to add drama and soften the angles of your face.

Square Shape Face

Rectangular Shape: Adding Definition and Chunky Statement Pieces

Similar to square face shapes, rectangular face shapes have a longer shape, but with more defined angles and a more prominent chin.
To add definition and create balance, chunky statement pieces of jewelry are ideal for rectangular faces.

Opt for bold and wide earrings such as hoops, large studs, and statement danglers to add width to your face.
Layered necklaces, chokers, and collar necklaces can also create a horizontal focal point and add depth to your neck area, balancing the length of your face.

Rectangular Shape Face

Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face can be defined as one that matches an inverted triangle with a defined wide forehead and a small, pointed chin. One should wear accessories that would create fullness around the jawline to create a sense of visual balance. Triangular earpieces are an ideal option for this face shape as well as dangling earrings with roundness at the bottom. Princess lengths for necklaces add width and softness to the jaw.

Heart Shape Face

Diamond Shape: Accentuating High Cheekbones with Delicate Details

Diamond-shaped faces have high cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin, creating a unique and striking appearance.

Delicate and intricate jewelry details are perfect for accentuating the high cheekbones of diamond-shaped faces.
Look for earrings that have curves and soft lines, such as chandeliers or teardrop shapes.

Avoid oversized earrings, as they can overpower your features.
Similarly, delicate and minimalistic necklaces that sit close to the neck, such as bor lariats, can draw attention to your neckline and enhance your facial features.

Diamond Shape Face


In the end, the right jewelry can enhance your facial features and elevate your overall style.

Understanding your face shape and choosing jewelry that complements it can make a significant difference in how you look and feel.
Whether you have an oval, round, square, rectangular, heart, or diamond-shaped face, there are jewelry styles that are perfect for you.

Experiment with different jewelry designs and find what works best for your face shape, skin tone, and personal style.

With the right jewelry, you can enhance your natural beauty and make a fashion statement that reflects your unique personality. Happy accessorizing!

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