The Best Jewelry That Matches Your Face Shape

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Accessorizing has always been a very personalized choice. Buying and choosing the right jewelry according to your face shape and skin tone makes for a big deciding factor.

The shape of your face is important in defining the overall look of the jewelry. That’s why we have decoded the tips and tricks in finding your ideal jewelry match.

Each of our face shapes roughly falls under these six categories – Oval, Round, Square, Rectangular, Heart, and Diamond and finding yours is not rocket science.
The best way to define the structure of your face is to pull your hair back and observe the natural angles of your face. You can always sit back and compare this to the references given below for each of the 6 face shapes and find your closest match.

Oval Shape

An oval shape is defined as long, with the widest point between the forehead and the temple. Those with an oval-shaped face, have a rounded face and a curved chin, similar to the shape of an egg.

Those born with this face shape are privy to the most versatile choices. As they are lucky enough to carry any jewelry. The length of the earrings or necklace should not be too long as it can make the face look even more elongated. They can even start making their own jewelry beginning with our knot tying tutorial.

Oval Shape Face

Hoops, studs, and short to medium length earrings in a teardrop, pear, and geometric shapes are the ideal choices as they create an illusion of a wider face. Similarly, one should opt for shorter neckpieces with soft curving shapes such as pearls, and ribbons.

Pair with our collection of American diamond and ruby neckpieces and solitaire studs.

Round Shape

A round face shape is equally wide as it is long, with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face which creates fuller cheeks. The idea is to wear jewels that would complement the face to make it look narrower. As a contrast to the oval shape, long styles are the most flattering match which would add length to the face. Long angular and geometric earrings and neckpieces are the ideal choices. Avoid wearing designs hoops because they would mimic the shape of your face.

Round Shape Face

Square Shape

A square face has a common width and height, same across the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Those with a square-shaped face have a strong angular jaw. The aim is to soften the angular curves with ornaments that can create drama and an illusion of a softer look. Earrings with rounded elements like hoops and long chandeliers and long necklaces are a good choice. Avoid wearing geometric or angular-shaped jewels.

Square Shape Face

Rectangular Shape

Rectangular face shapes are similar to square face shapes but with a longer and elongated length. Short pendant earrings and choker necklaces will add definition to the width. Focus on chunky and solid jewelry with a defined look.

Rectangular Shape Face

Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face can be defined as one that matches an inverted triangle with a defined wide forehead and a small, pointed chin. One should wear accessories that would create fullness around the jawline to create a sense of visual balance. Triangular earpieces are an ideal option for this face shape as well as dangling earrings with roundness at the bottom. Princess lengths for necklaces add width and softness to the jaw.

Heart Shape Face

Diamond Shape

The diamond face shape is widest around the cheekbones and the width of the chin and forehead are the same. Those with this face shape have high cheekbones. Ear cuffs, pear-shaped and linear earrings with detailing are most suitable. Any necklace with delicate detailing would compliment this face shape.

Diamond Shape Face

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