Types of Jewelry Knots – How To Easily Tie Them

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Jewelry knots and macrame knots are usually easy-to-learn, everyday knots used for starting and finishing their design. We will show you how to tie basic jewelry-making knots so your designs are secure and long-lasting. Although some of these types of jewelry knots seem incredibly basic, it is really important to know the difference between them. Choosing the right one will give your jewelry and macrame a more professional look. You can then check what kind of jewelry compliments your look, and get on with making your own pieces.

We are going to take a look at four basic types of jewelry knots/macrame knots. They are – the overhand knot, the half knot, the reef knot, and the granny knot. There are, of course, many more types of basic macrame knots, but these are used most often.

How To Tie an Overhand Knot

The simplest of all knots on our list is the overhand knot. It is made with a single end of the string and is often used as a stopper knot at the end of the string. But it can also be tied at the end of existing threads to finish off ends in bead-weaving

  1. Pull the short end of the string back on itself and create a loop
  2. Tuck in the short end through the loop
  3. Pull both ends until the knot is tight
How To Tie an Overhand Knot

How To Tie a Half Knot

This is one of the more recognizable knots for a lot of people. Since it is how most people start tying their shoelaces. It’s useful for joining two ends together and is also used as a base for some of the more complicated jewelry knots.

  1. Hold the two ends of the string in each hand
  2. Bring the left-hand string over the right
  3. Take the left end over and behind the right
  4. Bring it across the front and pull
How to tie a half knot

How To Tie a Granny Knot

A granny knot is an easy-to-tie knot, that consists of two half knots on top of each other. Maybe it’s not the prettiest or strongest of knots, but it has its uses.

It is a so-called, binding knot, used to secure a string around an object. It gets its name because historically, it was “the natural knot tied by women or landsmen”.

  1. Make a half knot, then repeat the process by bringing the left end over the right.
  2. Bring the right end down over the left, and then up through the back.
  3. Pull the two string ends tight to complete the granny knot.
How To Tie a Granny Knot

How To Tie a Reef Knot

A reef knot may seem very similar to the Granny knot. But it is a much prettier and more important, much stronger knot. The other name for it is a square knot or Hercules knot.

There is a subtle, but important difference! What makes a difference is switching the side of the string end, after making the first half knot.

The reef knot is ideal for finishing off clear elastic cords and for securing the ends of decorative knotting in macrame.

  1. Start by making a half knot, proceed to make a second half knot but bring the left-hand end under the right end
  2. Bring the right end down behind the left end, and then up through the front.
  3. Pull the two ends tight to complete the reef knot. This will create a prettier version of the granny knot.
How to tie reef knot


Hopefully, you will find a way to incorporate these basic jewelry knots into your jewelry-making routine. Working on these basics will make a good step towards more advanced knots and higher-quality jewelry.

Comment your questions below or suggestions for the next jewelry-making article. You can always contact us if you find it easier!

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