How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

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Picking the right jewelry to buy can be an overwhelming experience. Make it easier using a demonstrated method for success. Matching your jewelry to your face shape and skin tone will ensure that you will find pieces that look incredible on you. So, how to choose the right jewelry for your skin tone? Keep reading!

Determine Your Skin Tone

As a first step, you need to determine skin tone and undertone. It is important to note that skin tone is not the same as skin color! There are three main skin tones – warm, neutral, and cool.

To discover what skin tone you have you can use these two reliable methods. The first is to look at the color of your veins and the second is to examine your skin color and consider its behavior.

You have a warm skin tone if:

  • You have green veins on your wrist.
  • Your skin tans easily and rarely burns.
  • You have brown, green, or hazel eyes and brown, red, or black hair.

You have a cool skin tone if:

  • You have blue veins on your wrist.
  • You struggle to tan and your skin burns easily.
  • You have blue or green eyes and blonde, brown or black hair.

If you can’t easily determine the color of your veins you probably have a neutral skin tone. Neutral skin tone tends to fit in with the cool skin tone category when it comes to accessorizing.

Cool Skin Tone Jewelry

Cool Skin Tone
  • Cool skin tone looks best with blue, red, and purple gemstones.
    • Blue stones include blue topaz, sapphire, and aquamarine.
    • Red stones include ruby, tourmaline, and garnet.
    • Purple stones include the amethyst, sapphire, and fluorite.
  • Cool skin tone also goes amazingly with white metals. Most notable would be platinum, silver or white gold.

Warm Skin Tone Jewelry

Warm Skin Tone
  • Warm skin tone looks best with green, yellow, and orange.
  • Warm skin tone also matches well with yellow metals. Examples of this would be yellow gold or copper.

Still not sure?

Sometimes, even with right knowledge, you are not sure what you should choose, or simply it doesn’t match what you are planning to wear. What to do then?

Pearls and Diamonds

You can go for a more universal, albeit usually more expensive solution – pearls or diamonds. Or go for one of many non-standard jewelry types.

Cool skin tone goes best with the traditional white pearls or rose-tinted pearls.
For warm skin tone you should probably go with silver tinted pearls.

And for diamonds… Well, you can’t go wrong with diamonds, they go well with any skin tone. You just need to make sure you feel comfortable in whatever ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace you choose!

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